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NL College  of Veterinarians

Welcome to the College Website. 

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Licence Types are explained here.

To apply or renew a veterinary licence please go here:

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Licensed Veterinarians

To be licensed in the province of NL, Veterinarians must meet stringent testing requirements set by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association to obtain a Certificate of Qualification.

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It is always recommended to reach out to the veterinarian and veterinary clinic to determine if the issue can be resolved. If this does not resolve the issue you can email the College To make a formal allegation please complete the following:

1) Describe the allegation (complaint) and sign the document.

2) Complete and sign the permission form.

3) Send both signed documents by registered mail to the address provided on the permission form. 

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Clinic Standards

Veterinary Clinic Standards must be met by all Licensed Clinics

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